We all hope for a better tomorrow

When you study the history of the New Year celebration, you find that it goes back some 4000 years to the ancient Babylonians and was tied to the Spring Equinox. The tradition evolved over the millennia and today some form of New Year celebration takes place across many of the world's major religions and cultures - although not all on January 1st.

But the one thing I find congruent; the one thing that I see on the faces of every image I search related to this renewal celebration.....is Hope.



Whether it is Chinese New Year, Rosh Hashanah , or Times Square on December 31st at 11:59PM, all of the revelers seem to be full of hope when standing at the precipice of an unknown future. And that gives ME hope.

In today's modern world, mankind's shortcomings seem to take center stage in the news and on social media. However, during this time of year and more specifically, during this New Year celebration, we humans reveal something wondrous in our coding. We reflect that unique ability to hope. Each person displays that he or she has an expectation and desire for a more peaceful and prosperous tomorrow. In that instant, we are all in tune. The only thing that remains is for each and every one of us to go out there and make that wonderful tomorrow happen. :-)

Happy New Year! I hope your reflections on yesterday prompt growth and I hope your expectations of tomorrow prompt action.